Why Tri-Cities IT

Why should your business trust Tri-Cities IT?

Enterprise Management Software

We use professional-grade computer management software that allows our technicians to remotely monitor and manage your systems. We always keep your infrastructure updated and optimized to prevent future issues. 

Experienced and Professional Technicians

All of our technicians have years of experience in the information technology industry. We are always prepared for whatever issue may occur. 

Extremely Fast Response to Requests

When an issue arises, we don’t wait around. Once we are notified by either a call, email, or support ticket we are quick to respond to requests 

Completely Transparent Billing

When you receive a bill from us, you will know exactly what it’s for. Many IT companies fee small businesses to death with unnecessary charges. Not at Tri-Cities IT! 

Complete Vendor Management

From your Quickbooks to Internet Service Provider, we will work with your software and utility vendors to establish that relationship for you. 

No Geek Speak

Our technicians will always break terms down for you in to ensure that non-IT industry people can simply understand our technical terms. 

Proactive Systems Management

We proactively maintain and manage your systems to keep them optimized and running in tip-top shape to prevent future problems from arising. We take care of many issues behind the scenes without you even knowing it. 

Enhanced Security

Viruses, ransomware, and hackers can cause serious headaches – and downtime, which leads to lost revenue. We are up to date on the latest and greatest security to ensure your systems are completely protected from the newest threats of today. 

Excellent Client Feedback

Our clients have excellent experiences with Tri-Cities IT. Many clients who have made the switch have never looked back. Fast responses to requests and an incredible service level agreement to back our work. 

Superior Service Level Agreement

When you sign up for a service agreement with Tri-Cities, your services provided by us are backed by an SLA that outline standards we must meet as a company If we fail to meet those standards we outline you will get credited for the majority of your billing agreement! 

Tri-Cities IT

Tri-Cities IT was founded in 2017 to provide modern and innovative IT solutions to businesses around the Tri-Cities area. We believe in honest and diligent work with complete transparency on the services you are receiving.

Get In Touch

  • Call : ( 423 ) 484 – 8400
  • Email : admin@tricitiesit.com
  • Address : 1835 Euclid Ave. Bristol, VA 24201